Givenchy S/S14 Print Badge Buttons

givenchy_ss14-print-badge-buttons This could be a first for Bagaholicboy, blogging about print badge buttons that are usually 3 for a dollar. But given that these are Givenchy, I’ll make an exception, because if they can sell rubber flip-flops for SGD350 a pair, they can surely sell badge buttons that cost USD45 each.

Yes, each, not 3 for a set, not USD45 a pair, but each.

One. Uno. Satu. Each.

Measuring a wee 2 cm across (ok, I’m really winging it here), the badge button is simply that, laminated on the front with the usual pin closure on the back. It won’t tell time, it’s not Bluetooth-enabled and you can’t send WhatsApp messages with it. It will, however, ruin anything you deign to pin it to and look reasonably cool. Or you’ll look like a fool for even paying USD45 for it in the first place.

But I jest. Actually, I meant it. Would you?

Image: Givenchy

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  • Jack says:

    Givenchy have been producing these badges for a few seasons, I got a panther print one back in 2012 and have probably used it once, seemed like a great idea at the time but it really just looks like a kid’s art project made at home… Shame.

  • win shean says:

    definitely not me, i have a badge making kit at home, i could easily just diy one.

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