Chanel Classic Flap In Plexiglas Frame

chanel_classic-flap-in-plexiglas-frame Honestly, when I first saw images of this bag I thought it was a hoax but since it officially appeared online via Chanel, I’ve been convinced otherwise. In line with the S/S14 collection’s theme that’s centred around art, it would make sense to have the Classic Flap encased in its own shiny plexiglas frame complete with its own burnished engraved plaque.

After all, she’s an icon in her own right, the quilted lambskin sling an essential style companion for women young and old around the world, worshipped as much as it is revered, what with those lusting for it bad enough travelling to great distances just to seek out the one in the perfect leather/colour combination or at a much lower price.

So, fittingly, Karl Lagerfeld must have decided to take the mickey out of us by giving us something that’s both steeped in irony and yet, so befitting this icon. And because she’s considered an Exceptional Piece (which you’ll find a few of in every seasonal collection that’s considered extraordinary or made with the lushest of exotics), you’ll probably have to quite literally sell your existing art pieces to afford this. Really.

Image: Chanel

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