Balenciaga Navy Pochette

balenciaga_navy-pochette 3 things popped into my mind when I spotted this oddity whilst strolling past the Balenciaga boutique at Marina Bay Sands today. That a) the logo was unusually large on this particular bag that gave it a rather retro vibe, b) the design looked unisex enough for both boys and girls to use and c) because it’s mostly canvas, it should be rather affordable as well.

Proven correct on 2 of the 3 points, here’s what you should know about the S/S14 Balenciaga Navy Pochette. Measuring some 25.5 cm across by almost 19 cm in height, the mainly cotton canvas bag that comes trimmed with leather is both a clutch and a sling, by way of its leather sling that’s both adjustable and removable. And with the logo that’s printed on slightly faded, it does have that whole vintage feel about it, which is a frankly a nice change from everyone (and then some more) and their teeny tiny logos printed in metallic gold.

The price, however, is pretty much open to debate. Whilst some might say that paying SGD1030 doesn’t seem like a lot given its logo appeal, function and size, others will argue that it’s basically a canvas pouch at the end of the day. What say you?

Image: Balenciaga

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  • hinds says:

    I fell in love with this bag. I saw it in Camel and I am buying it. It’s very chic, trendy and whatever clothes you wear with it you’ll look fashionable.

  • Jade ManaLac says:

    Yikes! SGD1030 a pop for a canvas pouch with a printed logo? I love Balenciaga and I always will but I just can’t see my money worth for this one.

  • Jon Lim says:

    I think the price is a tad high considering the material of the bag and the brand. I was able to buy a Chanel portfolio in nylon for just SGD 890 I think, forgot the exact amount but it’s just around 800. Judging by the brand equity of the two brands, I think Balenciaga is not a really good buy.

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