B3: Black & Gold

bbm461_black-gold-hermes This isn’t a post to lament constant price increases at luxury brands worldwide (Hermès included) or the fact that some bracelets from Hermès are perennially unavailable and spotting the one you like at any boutique deserves a celebration in itself. Because like a unicorn it’s something that’s always talked about but never seen in real life.

This post is simply to celebrate my love for all things black and gold as far as Hermès bracelets are concerned, and for those who have been asking me via email which combination in my opinion is the best with regard to colour and hardware, this would be it.

A combination that’s not dictated by fads or trends, they will look good stacked or on its own; you’ll just have to figure out which particular style would suit you best.

Clockwise from top left: Baby Pavane, USD510Extrême, USD1050Dandy Pavane, USD590, Hapi 3 MM, USD345 (all in Chamonix calfskin)

Image: Hermès

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