Saint Laurent Monogramme Candy Bag Collection

saint_laurent_monogramme-candy-bag-collection Many have asked me the point of blogging about small tiny bags that are all the rage now since as far as their functionality is concerned, they really don’t do much for the person carrying it. Which is true. I’m not going to argue otherwise, but I’ve come to realise that they serve another purpose altogether. Like a chunky necklace or thick layers of wrist candy, the tiny bag’s purpose is simply to be regarded as a piece of jewellery, something additional to complete the outfit like you would do with any other fashion accessory.

And like most trends that come and go (and come back again over time), you don’t have to tear your hair out in agony and wonder why the fashion gods have ganged up against you. If you like something small and nifty that you know will set off your outfit perfectly, go for it. But if you are one of those who need to lug around everything on your dresser in a bag, there are still larger options in the market that will do just that.

Next season you’ll find tiny bags that resemble jewellery boxes from Tod’s, but for now there’s the Tango from Moynat, and this, the new Monogramme Candy Bag collection from S/S14 Saint Laurent. Measuring just 10 cm across by 8 cm in height, it’s so small your iPhone5s won’t fit, which also means it’s just good for cards and cash, a couple of keys and some makeup essentials. And that’s pretty much it. But it’s still more than what a chunky necklace or thick layers of wrist candy can do in terms of what it can carry, and it’s pretty to boot.  Win-win, right?

Besides the ones in Babycat print and the black/silver glitter combo shown above, the Monogramme Candy Bag also comes in leather in colours like Neon Blue, Neon Orange, Neon Pink and Neon Yellow (all priced at SGD1270 each, by the way) that are just perfect for spring.

Image: Saint Laurent

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