Karl Lagerfeld K/Khic Two-Tone Leather Clutch

karl_lagerfeld_k-khic-two-tone-leather-clutch Ok boys and girls, here’s something for all of you to chew on today. As much as we all love what Karl Lagerfeld has been doing (or in his case, designing) for fashion houses Chanel and Fendi (and we all love what he has been creating for them), would you pay GBP550, or something like over a thousand Singapore dollars for a full leather clutch from his own line that’s rather chic and stylish (or in this case, ‘khic’), that’s now available via Net-A-Porter?

And no, it’s not a quick question. What say you?

Image: Net-A-Porter

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  • Diana says:


    Sure if money was in abundance and the purpose of buying just because I’ve yet to own his brand to add to my collection. But when I have to choose between this and let’s say, YSL Chyc (oh look, they have the same name), without doubt I would go with YSL (okay okay Saint Laurent).

    While he has been undoubtedly legendary in Chanel and Fendi, his own brand still has a long way to go to be there.

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