B3: 3 Bags Hermès Should Bring Back

bbm460 With more and more brands digging into their archives and bringing back bags of yore from days past, I thought it would be fun to throw 3 more into the fray that I would like see make a comeback from Hermès. Besides the popular icons we all know and love today, from the Birkin and the Kelly to the Lindy and the Victoria, just to name a few, the 80s and the 90s were a time when there were many more styles that have since been discontinued.

Which brings us to the trio that I’m hoping to see again (from left to right), the Lucy, the Whitebus and the Colorado. All different styles from another decade (or two), the surprising thing is how relevant they still look in this day and age, clean and streamlined with function to boot.

Take the Lucy, for example, basically a vertical leather tote with a flap on the top that keeps personals safe. Available in 3 sizes back then, it would have been a great work tote with handles long enough to wear over the shoulder. Then there’s the Whitebus, shaped like a Birkin but with a curved top. No flap (or zip), probably its biggest disadvantage given how big the gaping mouth would have been.

Last but not least, the Colorado, a simple enough shoulder sling that has its front flap following the same outline as a horse saddle. Measuring 24 cm across by 15 cm, it would have been the perfect going-out bag, the elegant little number you bring for a night out in the town with the girls.

And if Hermès doesn’t intend to bring them back anytime soon, there’s always reputed Japanese resellers on eBay that one could source from. Seeing how there was a huge boom in Japan back in the 80s, you’ll find many authentic pre-loved pieces there, or online via eBay. And if there’s something you like but ain’t exactly sure of its authenticity, drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

Anyone else had an Hermès bag they want to see make a comeback? Leave a comment or two here.

Image: Kitty N. Wong

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