Tiffany & Co.: Love, Tiffany

tiffany_love-tiffany2 ‘You colour my world’

What do you get when you take pieces of beautiful jewellery, whimsically-drawn illustrations and mushy musings of love that one would often say to his or her loved one? Well, you get a series of pictorials set against Tiffany & Co’s robin-egg blue that are both sweet and heartwarming.

And depending on where you follow them online (Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, just to name a few), you will different pictorials, each more adorable than the next.

tiffany_love-tiffany1 ‘I will shower you with love’

You can also send out your very own personalised message of love (it doesn’t have to be just on Valentine’s Day) with Love, Tiffany, a Facebook app that allows you to create your own illustrated e-card right down to your preferred hair colour, skin tone and outfits which you get to choose from a selection of styles.

tiffany_love-tiffany3 ‘Let’s drift away’

You can also create e-cards with two boys or two girls in your personalised message (I don’t think it’s a technical glitch since Tiffany & Co. recognises same-sex relationships within their company), which is really nice given the amount of homophobia that’s been going around lately, what with Russia, and our own saga with regards to HPB. And for that I thank you.

Images: Tiffany & Co.

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