Prada Double Bag

prada_double-bag2 Every season a fashion house pushes out a new bag and proclaims it their ‘bag of bags’, or in Lord of the Rings terminology, the one bag to rule them all. And more often than not, those who rely on mere cosmetic theatrics will often fall flat on their face, because really, there are only that many kitschy gold clutches one can buy.

And then there’s the Prada Double Bag, which will be launched worldwide today (and you read that exclusively first on Bagaholicboy) that’s totally unlike any other bag that Prada has released in a long time. Famous for their framed top handle Saffiano leather bags that come with all the usual bells and whistles (you know, an additional flap on the front, zippered closures, gold-tone hardware and lots of it), they also end up being extremely heavy before they’re even filled.

Which for some ladies is a big no-no.

prada_double-bag1 You could call the Double Bag the ‘antithesis’, the leather used completely rethought and stripped down to her barest of essentials. As light as a feather (well, not exactly but it is really, really light), the Double Bag still showcases Saffiano leather on her exterior that’s been made softer and lighter, and lined with the thinnest of Nappa leather, so thin (and this is something you have to see and feel for yourself) that one could liken it to a slice of prosciutto (aptly Italian, no?).

Measuring 2.3 mm thick, each bag takes 5 man hours to complete, each 35.5 cm by 27 cm tote the perfect size for work or play. Made available in 10 different colours for the first drop (click here to see them in all their glory), 40 boutiques worldwide (along with Prada at Marina Bay Sands) will launch the Double Bag today (12 February 2014) with a special visual display that will let you see all the gorgeous colours at one glance.

prada_double-bag3 Priced at SGD3940 apiece (it’s RM9140 and THB100,000 respectively in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok), the Double Bag combines all the elegance and structure of Prada’s famed top handle shape with the ease, functionality and ‘lightness’ that every woman desires when it comes to bags they will be using day after day. One bag to rule them all? Indeed.

Images: Prada

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