Alexander McQueen Skull Lace Print Backpack

alexander_mcqueen_skull-lace-print-backpack With everyone (and I mean, everyone) from high street to luxury marque coming out with backpacks galore, here’s another from Alexander McQueen that will hopefully pique your interest. Simply known as the Alexander McQueen Skull Lace Print Backpack (I like how they call a spade, a spade), the 42 cm tall by 32 wide printed silk wonder comes with swaths of leather which you’ll find on the top handle, the sides (where the exterior pockets are also located) and of course, the base.

Priced at USD2095 (or around SGD2600 after conversion), it is frankly rather pricey for a backpack that’s mainly made up of printed silk. Still, it should appeal to the guy (or the gal) who loves anything with skulls, lace or Alexander McQueen. Order it directly online via Alexander McQueen where they ship internationally, including to our immediate region.

Image: Alexander McQueen

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