Alexander McQueen: Now Shipping To Asia-Pacific

bbn263 In case you haven’t heard (or read), Alexander McQueen now ships direct to most countries in the Asia-Pacific, including those in our immediate region: Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

According to their e-commerce site, orders placed online from the countries listed above will be charged in USD, with express 2 to 4 day shipping costing just an additional USD25. Orders will be first sent from Italy to their distribution centre in Hong Kong before it is dispatched to us. Which does make sense since it would be easier for us to contact them in Hong Kong if anything unfortunate arises. Any applicable duties will also be calculated before you checkout and pay, which also means you don’t have to pay for it again when the parcel arrives.

The downside? The selection is a tad limited, and prices are slightly different as well. I compared the bags’ prices on both the US and SG sites and prices on the SG site were around USD100 higher on average. Boo.

In other words, Alexander McQueen now joins a short but growing list of luxury brands that ship internationally, among which include the likes of 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang, Christian Louboutin and Proenza Schouler, just to name a few. And for discussion’s sake, what other brands would you like to start shipping to our region?

Now excuse me while I go browse the menswear section; there’s an embroidered lace skull motif sweatshirt that has my name all over it.

Clockwise from top left: Heroine Tablet Case, USD760, Heroine Chain Satchel, USD2620, Mini Heroine, USD1675, Studded Knucklebox Clutch, USD2410

Image: Alexander McQueen

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