Chanel S/S14 Printed Toile & Leather Backpack

chanel_ss14-printed-toile-leather-backpack You’ve already seen the Trompe-l’œil Boy Chanel from Chanel’s S/S14 collection, now have a look at the matching backpack that’s also inspired by Karl’s inner artist. Made primarily of toile (which is technically linen cloth or canvas), the backpack is what happens after you’ve been given a couple of spray cans and some stencils. After that, get some pieces of cord and twine in different colours, do some braiding and add on a carabiner (or two) before attaching the whole thing to the backpack. Which is pretty much how the Chanel S/S14 Printed Toile & Leather Backpack came together.

Guaranteed to sell out faster than the time it takes for Banksy to tag a wall because it’s one of those pieces that’s so wrong it’s right (yes, my logic is such), it comes in two sizes and in at least 3 different colour combinations with prices tentatively set at USD3400 and USD3800 for sizes Regular (35.5 cm by 28 cm) and Large respectively.

I know what you’re thinking. That it’s crazily priced for something that you could probably whip up at home in a day or two, right? That all you need is to buy a generic backpack, a couple of spray cans and some cord, right? That your version will probably look better than Chanel’s, right?

Which brings us to a challenge I’m issuing to those who think they can make one exactly like it.

Called the ‘You So Clever You DIY One Let Me See’ challenge, I’m giving you till the end of this month to create your very own Chanel backpack (stencilled logos, braided cord and all). And when it’s completed, send the backpack to me (the actual bag and not just snapshots) and I’ll have it up on Facebook alongside one from Chanel to have a vote-off. If my readers determine that your creation is indeed better than the one from Chanel based on the number of likes, I’ll give you SGD1000 out of my own pocket.

And no, I’m not kidding. So, who’s up for the challenge? Anyone?

Image: Chanel

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