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mulberry_primrose Depending on which side of the fence you’re on regarding Mulberry after the departure of Emma Hill, the price hikes and its claim now that it’s a *cough* luxury *cough* brand, you could either continue reading this post or move on to the next. And if you’re still here, read on because today’s post is all about new bag, the Primrose.

Decidedly more ladylike than anything else they’ve come up with for a while now, the Mulberry Primrose looks nothing like its namesake, save for the front flap which looks like a flower petal, and presumably named after the English Primrose, a perennial flowering plant which gives off a delicate scent.

Measuring 26 cm across by 21 cm, the bag has both a top handle and a sling, with your usual slip pockets located both inside and out. Most interesting is the Postman’s Lock hinge closure, which you’ll have to flip open before you can lift the flap. Thing is, the bag needs to be secured before it can be carried or else it will just gape wide open, which also means you’ll need to open and close the clasp every time you need to get something.

Priced at GBP1200 online at Mulberry, you’ll find the Primrose in both smooth calfskin and grained calf leather versions in a variety of colours including Black, Mushroom Grey, Deer Brown and Taupe, which besides Black are all dull and uninspiring. What do you think?

Image: Mulberry

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