Hermès: Leather Bracelets Price Guide In EUR, GBP & USD

hermes_leather-bracelets-price-guide With more and more of you travelling overseas for work or play, and with the number of emails I’ve been getting regarding price enquiries of Hermès’ more popular leather bracelets, I thought it was time to do a post with their respective prices in EUR, GBP and USD. Do note that the prices are accurate at the writing of this post (price increments occur from time to time in a year), so it might not be exactly that when you buy something from Hermès next year.

Do note that prices in EUR and GBP are before tax rebates, while in the instance of the pieces in USD, they are before the additional sales tax, which vary from state to state in the United States. And if anyone else has queries regarding Hermès’ prices in other countries, do leave them here in the comments section and if I don’t have the answer, hopefully one of my readers will. Enjoy.

Baby Pavane
EUR379 EUR391, GBP335 GBP370, USD475 USD520

Behapi Simple Tour
EUR231 EUR238, GBP205 GBP225, USD290 USD320

Behapi Double Tour
 EUR255 EUR262, GBP224 GBP250, USD320 USD350

Collier de Chien
EUR945, GBP870, USD1250

EUR805, GBP770USD1050


Hapi 3 MM
– EUR255 EUR262, GBP225 GBP250, USD320 USD350


Hip Hop
EUR352GBP335, USD460

EUR340 EUR352, GBP300 GBP335, USD425 USD470

– EUR209 EUR216, GBP185 GBP205, USD260 USD285

Kelly Double Tour
– EUR385 EUR420, GBP340 GBP400, USD455 USD500

Micro Kelly
– EUR385 EUR395, GBP340 GBP375, USD520 USD570

Micro Rivale
– EUR385 EUR395, GBP340 GBP375, USD520 USD570

– EUR314 EUR324, GBP275 GBP310, USD390 USD430

Rivale Double Tour
– EUR450 EUR460, GBP395 GBP435USD560 USD620

Update: 23 January 2014
If you’re wondering why there are prices crossed out in the post, do note that Hermès had a price increment early in 2014, and the current prices in EUR, GBP and USD have been updated and reflected above.

Image: Hermès

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