Gucci Rubber Horsebit Loafer

gucci_rubber-horsebit-loafer1 With the weather the way it is now in Singapore (you know, rain, drizzle, rain, thunderstorm, drizzle, rain, rain), there has never been a better time to consider Gucci’s Rubber Horsebit Loafers, which promise to keep your feet dry while still staying relatively stylish. Think Crocs but without the ugly, these all-rubber loafers come in a multitude of colour combinations, and depending which Gucci you head into, you’ll find a couple of options in any one store.

gucci_rubber-horsebit-loafer2 Or take it online and get yourself a pair; MATCHESFASHION has 2 variations available (they call them Jelly Snaffle Loafersby the way, these Brits) for SGD305 a a pair. Saks Fifth Avenue has a pair in Blue/White but it costs around SGD350. And if you are able to, you can also get them via Gucci’s US site which sells solid-hued pairs for USD265, which isn’t so bad either.

Now excuse me while I’ll go decide on the pair I want. Or should I just stick to my really old ones from YSL?

Images: Gucci

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  • Wally says:

    Hi BB! Love the post!!! Now I am itching for one. How much does it cost in Singapore?

    • Ethan says:

      Hey Wally I got a pair of these in light blue/white 2 weeks back from the Gucci boutique at Takashimaya at SGD 350. They also have it in khaki/red the last I was there.

  • nan salcedo says:

    they look heavy… but i hope not. i’ve been thinking about getting melissa’s m:zero but because of these, now i’m not sure.

  • HM says:

    This is the exact reason why I hate you BB. WHY MUST YOU INFORM ME OF THESE NEW VARIANTS?! I have a pair in beige and I cannot live without them. Walked through rain and snow whilst always looking polished. Only downside is that it isn’t the most comfortable pair of shoes but it does garner attention and most definitely sartorial approval.

    Now excuse me while I find Santa Claus and re-tweet him my ‘What I want NEED for Christmas’.

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