Chanel Parfum Bottle Clutch In Black

chanel_parfum-bottle-clutch-black I’ve been obsessing over this so much lately that it’s not even funny anymore. From Chanel’s Cruise 2014 collection comes the Parfum Bottle Clutch, and because I’ve never posted an image of the clutch in stunning jet black with gold-tone hardware, it’s also going to be my excuse for doing this post.

Lift the bottle’s topper and the clutch opens up with the hinge located at the bottom of the bag, the 18 cm by 12 cm offering limited space for your personals, but really, that isn’t the point of this clutch to begin with. A work of art, a piece of Chanel iconography, a limited edition collectible, which is also why I am justifying its USD9500 price tag. If I get it, that is.

Image: Chanel

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