B3: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get This Charlotte Over That Chanel

bbm452 5 Reasons Why You Should Get This Charlotte Over That Chanel

#1 The Chanel one is sold out and/or wait listed all over. The Charlotte one is new and now available via Net-A-Porter.

#2 The Charlotte one is all gold. The Chanel one only has bits of gold.

#3 The Chanel one costs over USD9000. The Charlotte one is GBP1095. In the other words, way cheaper.

#4 The Charlotte one will turn heads all over the place. The Chanel one will also turn heads all over the place but for all the wrong reasons. They are actually trying to check out what’s inside the transparent clutch.

#5 The Chanel one will go down in history as being a precious piece of iconography from the French house that will cherished by generations to come. The Charlotte one is just cute. Adorable. And cute.

On second thought, forget everything I just said and beg, kill or wait list your way till you get your hands on the Parfum Bottle Clutch.

Image: Chanel & Net-A-Porter

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