Montblanc Great Characters Limited Edition Leonardo

montblanc_great-characters-limited-edition-leonardoWhile I’m not sure what kind of writing instrument, if any, author Dan Brown used to pen ‘The Da Vinci Code’, I’m sure that this one from Montblanc’s Ateliers would have been apt. An homage to the greatest maestro of the Italian Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci, the Great Characters Limited Edition Leonardo was inspired by his many pioneering inventions.

Bringing to life the inventor’s particular fascination with human flight, each detail of the writing instrument was derived from the ingenious studies he created for different flying devices. For example, the red gold plated gear at the end of the clip reminds one of the many cogwheels da Vinci used in his designs, the nib that is handcrafted in solid gold and then rhodium plated is engraved with one of his drawings of a bat whose wings served as inspiration for his flying machines, and the forefront of the pen has his sketch of a mechanical wing etched into it.

Each of the limited edition fountain pens and roller ball pens numbering 3000 each contains a secret much like the cryptex Robert Langdon had to decode in the novel. The Montblanc emblem is concealed within the cap of each pen and only its reflection can be seen through a mirror placed inside the cap, a subtle reference to da Vinci’s practice of ‘mirror writing’; his precious handwritten notes similarly could only be deciphered using a mirror.

To be launched in Montblanc boutiques worldwide from November 2013, check them out at their flagship store at Mandarin Gallery.

Image: Montblanc

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