Hermès Kelly Dog Extrême

hermes_kelly-dog-extreme Depending on who you ask you’ll either get a ‘yay’ or a ‘nay’ as far as the Hermès Kelly Dog Extrême is concerned, simply because, and I think, of its size. Measuring almost 5 cm in width, it’s one of the biggest bracelets Hermès has, and it’s also one of their most butch (can I even use that word here?), sporting a massive palladium-plated hardware plaque adorned with 6 studs, no less.

Available in S and L sizes (one for the girls and one for the boys), I’ve seen them in multiple permutations: different leathers, different colours and different hardware finishes, from palladium to gold and something called permabrass, which is a softer gold as far as the hue is concerned.

One of my favourite pieces of jewellery from Hermès (yes, I’m a fan), while it used to be quite rare on boutique shelves, it is seen slightly more often now, probably because it was a) rarer in the beginning and they’ve since amped up production and b) most girls who’d buy more jewellery might find this too chunky and go for the more petite styles instead.

Priced at USD950, I have only one more thing left to say. I should most definitely wear mine more often.

Image: Hermès

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