B3: What Bagaholicboy Wants For X’mas

bbm450 It’s that time of the year again when Christmas wish lists are drawn up and I start working on festive gift options for both boys and girls that are worthy of your hard-earned dollar.

But before that happens (it takes a lot of time just putting a beautifully composed ‘wants’ together on a montage, you know), here’s my very own personal wish list. Because sharing is caring, and in case anyone out there wants to be my Secret Santa this year (you know, just putting it out there), well, here’s my list of ‘wants’ ‘needs’.

Being constantly torn between Cartier’s LOVE and Juste un Clou arm candy, both in gold, isn’t easy. It’s like asking one to choose between air and water. But if I have to pick just one (because life isn’t fair), it would be the Just un Clou hands wrists down. Because it would look so good stacked with all my other wrist candy pieces.
Cartier Juste un Clou Gold Bracelet, SGD8650

A clutch that needs no introduction, and more a collector’s piece than anything else as far as I’m concerned, the Cruise 2014 Parfum Bottle Clutch from Chanel is destined to be an iconic piece in time to come, and one you’ll see in Chanel exhibitions years from now. I’ll have the one in Black, please?
Chanel Parfum Bottle Clutch, from USD9000

Been looking for a portable vinyl player for a while now, one that comes with built-in speakers, looks pretty and won’t break the bank. And only because I’ve got a pile of records from the likes of Madonna, Mariah and Whitney I collected over the years but never had a chance to listen to. With this new SPORT B. + Vestax collab however, I can. 
– SPORT B. + Vestax Vinyl Turnable Crossover Exclusive, SGD438 

Everyone loves teddy bears (myself included) and everyone loves Burberry. Put them together and you’ve got the limited edition X’mas check cashmere teddy that comes with movable paws that are covered with suede leather. Adorable, cute and adorable (fine, I repeated the same word twice), this is one bear I won’t mind hugging to bed. 
Burberry Check Cashmere Teddy Bear, SGD1075

Admittedly not the most practical of bags, especially with the hassle of getting inside (undo the clasp, lift the flap, you know) whenever you need to. But it’s also a very handsome bag, an icon that’s instantly recognisable wherever you go. Available in a variety of sizes that work well for both sexes, I’m after the Jypsière 34 in a neutral hue. 
Hermès Jypsière 34SGD13,100

If you love all things furry but are too busy time-wise to be a responsible pet owner, why not adopt Fendi’s furry little critter this Christmas? Yes, while I do already have one of my own hanging off my bags quite happily, I do think he can get a tad lonely at times, which is why I’m planning to get him a sibling. And after much consideration (there are at least 6 for you to choose from), I decided on Nutty. I didn’t make up that up, they all come with their own names. Really.
Fendi ‘Bag Bugs’ Monster Bag Charm, SGD780

I love black, I love studs and I love clutches. Put them all together and you’ve got a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. From Saint Laurent’s new Classic Large Letters collection (yes, the font’s bigger), it will be a nice addition to my collection of other studded things, from iPad cases to shoes and bracelets. 
– Saint Laurent Classic Large Letters Zip Clutch, SGD2240

A new addition to the mens bag line, the Loewe Lorca is everything a leather bag should be, lightweight, handsome and functional. Soft and unstructured, you’ll also find a zipped leather pouch on the inside which is attached to a leather ‘skeleton’ and pretty much how the bag is held together. Beautifully constructed and Loewe at her best.
Loewe Oro Suede Lorca, SGD3590 

Nothing says ‘intellectual hipster’ more than this, a limited edition leather-on-leather Scrabble board that comes with its own hot-stamped leather tiles. A special one-off festive collaboration between Coach and Scrabble, it would look perfect sitting on my molded plywood coffee table from Eames. Which I’ll buy as soon as someone gifts me this. 
Coach + Scrabble Leather Set, SGD1395

While I may already own a pair of writing instruments from Montblanc, I’m a firm believer that having more than one, or 5, for that matter isn’t really an issue, especially when they come in so many different variations. Yes, I’ve already got a rollerball, but no, I don’t have anything that’s gold-plated so this would be a fine addition to my collection. You know, for writing out cheques and signing contracts. 
– Montblanc Meisterstück Gold-Plated LeGrand Rollerball, SGD620

Oh yes. And world peace.

Images: Burberry, Coach, Chanel, Hermès, Loewe, Montblanc & Saint Laurent

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