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marc_jacobs_cooper It’s been a long while since I blogged about anything Marc Jacobs and it’s not because their bags aren’t nice. Some are nice, others divine. It’s more the I-don’t-get-why-his-bags-are-always-so-expensive, especially when there is Marc by Marc Jacobs and of course, the Special Items collection which is super affordable. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be comparing the main line with their diffusion labels, but I do.

So when I chance upon something that used to be almost SGD1200 now going for 50% off over the THE OUTNET, I can’t not share it here, because at around SGD600 or so now, the Marc Jacobs Cooper suddenly feels like a really good deal. All quilted and decked out heavily in a metal hardware much like the brand standard, the Stam, the almost circular shoulder sling bag measures 28 cm across by 23 cm and comes with a trio of compartments (2 main ones with a zipped compartment in the middle) on the inside.

And speaking of the Stam, which is in itself an icon, I’ve got mixed feelings when I see it at over 50% off. What used to be almost SGD1800 is now around SGD850, which is a really good deal considering its combination of dark brown leather and shiny gold-tone hardware that’s quite stunning. How she ended up in an online outlet store, however, is a question I’ll try to solve another day.


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  • stephanie says:

    any more stam? don’t see any.

  • carte says:

    thanks bb! grabbed the one in sand/beige/cream…

  • venti says:

    just bought one! thanks bb!

  • BagGirl says:

    I have mixed feelings about Marc Jacobs. I had bags from both Marc by Marc Jacobs and Marc Jacobs. A Marc by Marc Jacobs Bianca satchel which I found quite stylish and affordable but a little heavier than other brands’ satchels. The other was a Marc Jacobs The Single, a quilted crossbody bag that helps one organise well for a small bag but the leather quality is low compared to other brands.

    I think if I had the chance I would give it another try if Marc Jacobs here were having a sale like at THE OUTNET. Thanks Bagaholicboy.

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