H&M + Isabel Marant: 8 Things You Should Know About The Collab

hm_isabel_marant_collection-look-book1 Slated for a worldwide release on 14 November 2013, the H&M + Isabel Marant isn’t many things. It’s not flashy like Versace was, or avant-garde like Maison Martin Margiela. It’s not even as fun or as flirty as the Lanvin collaboration was in 2011.

hm_isabel_marant_collection-look-book2 It is, however, a very wearable collection made up of pieces that run the gamut from thick outerwear to thin, lightweight separates that are great for our tropical climate, all of which are very Isabel Marant, quite French and really rather chic. Here are 10 things you should know about the collaboration if you intend to be in the queue come 14 November.

01. In keeping with the collaboration’s exclusivity, limited quantities will be brought in for the estimated 115-piece collection in Singapore. For heavier pieces like the outerwear, expect no more than say, 20 each.

02. As with previous designer collaborations released in Singapore, the collection will only be available at one H&M store in Singapore. More specifically, the flagship at Orchard Building.

03. The first designer collaboration to have pieces for kids and teens up to age 14, you’ll also find coats and sweaters for the young ones, along with tees, trousers (more like jeans really) and shoes. If you’re not planning to bring the young ones to the launch come Thursday morning, have them try out H&M’s regular kids range first to get a sense of the sizing. Those of you of small stature with petite frames should also see if you can fit into the kids’ sizes, especially the ‘Smile’ sweaters and hoodies only made for the young ones.

04. Most everything in the mens collection (sweatshirts, long-sleeved tees and tees) seem a tad oversized. Trying them out yesterday at the showroom preview, I realised I could take 2 sizes down. In other words, do not grab blindly and try before you commit. Or buy first, then return them later if they are too big. No, wait, that won’t make sense because by the time you return, everything will be sold out (see point 1).

05. Many pieces in this collaboration are unisex. If you’ve seen the look book images, some of the women are wearing mens pieces and vice versa. Even the kids are doing the same. The only main difference is as far as the mens tops are concerned, they are cut bigger, while womens tops are more tapered and fitting. In other words, don’t just look at the pieces in your gender specific rack.

06. Though all the footwear looks like something UGG will approve of, there are surprises too. The kids have two pairs of quilted tie-dye shoes, a pair of slip-ons and a pair of high-cut sneakers (SGD79.90 and SGD99.90 respectively), while there is a pair of suede pumps embellished with sequins (SGD299) for the ladies.

07. Depending on what you’re eyeing, prices start from SGD39.90 for the tees and go up all the way to SGD549 for the womens beaded jacket that I’m not really a fan of (sorry H&M!). Leather pants will go for SGD449 while the coats for men, women and kids start from SGD139, a good deal if you’re planning a winter jaunt overseas because being really well-made, they won’t go out of style anytime soon.

08. Last but not least, my must-buy picks from the collaboration include any of the 4 ‘Smile’ sweaters or hoodies (SGD79.70 each), the shimmery foil soft gold tops and pants from the womens collection (think disco, but with toned down bling) and anything with the zebra-like print for the men, be it in the form of the tee, the long-sleeved tee or the sweater.

As a special treat to my readers residing in Singapore, H&M will be opening their showroom on 9 November from 11 am to 1 pm for 10 of you to preview the collection, try on the pieces you like and Instagram/Facebook to your hearts’ content if it so suits you which should greatly help you decide in which pieces you’ll most definitely want come 14 November.

A privilege normally reserved for the press, 10 of you will also receive a special limited edition H&M + Isabel Marant gift that won’t be available for sale, plus a private tour with yours truly, where I’ll be personally introducing the entire collection to you.

Simply leave a comment in this post before 6 November and tell me why you deserve to win yourself one of the 10 slots, along with your name, sex and age. Then send the whole lot to me via email and 10 of you with the best answers will be picked to spend an afternoon with me. In the showroom. Looking at clothes from this limited edition collaboration. Fun.

Images: H&M

YOU SHOULD SEE: H&M + Isabel Marant Collection: Look Book
YOU SHOULD SEE: H&M + Isabel Marant Collection

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  • Akash Rb says:

    Hey BB, just a small query regarding the upcoming Isabel Marant collab. Given the fact that you attended the SG preview for the items in the collection, I particularly wanted to know whether the tees and pullovers from the mens’ collection are a tad bit oversized? I am keen on getting the long sleeved tee and I usually opt for a M when it comes to H&M tees. So my question is should I settle for a M or go for S? Thank you once again.

  • mabellim says:

    is it too late for me to take part? can i? please?

  • Grace says:

    I am a total fan of your blog and an introduction to the collection by you would be such an honour. Isabel Marant churns out such chic and understated clothes, completely in line with my style. I love the brand and to be able to see it without queuing and shoving, what a luxury.

    – Grace, 25, F.

  • Kathlyn says:

    I would love to get a chance to preview the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection as it gives me an opportunity to see and feel the pieces before the 14th. As the time period given to each shopper would be quite short if its anything like the 10 minutes for Margiela x H&M, this would be a great chance for me to try the pieces and shop smart on the day itself.

    Plus, having you conduct the preview would be an honour and the tour would be much appreciated!

    – Kathlyn, 22, F.

  • Latha says:

    Thus far, the Isabel Marant collab is the only collab that has caught my eye since H&M moved here. It’s classic chic for the everyday woman, man and young ‘un. And from what I have seen from your pictures, it is timeless too.

    – Latha, 35, F.

  • poon mun wai says:

    The fact that I’ve spent all my money paying for my son’s therapy sessions and not able to afford the main line gives me enough reason to want to acquire something from this collaboration. Plus, I would like to meet you.

    – Mun Wai, 44, F.

  • Sandra says:

    What is it about French designers? I would love to add a little je ne sais quoi to my fashion sense, and would love for the chance to meet a style maestro like yourself while at it.

    – Sandra, 50, F.

  • Jeraldine Toh says:

    I have never attended such an exclusive tour before and if I win this, it will definitely be an eye-opening experience for me as I often shop at H&M!

    – Jeraldine Toh, F.

  • I am married for 14 years and have no love lost of my wife. I would like to take this opportunity to surprise her as she simply loves H&M. Yes I am writing in for the love of my life and giving up the opportunity to have a photo-op with the face behind Bagaholicboy.

    – Chu Chee Chin, M.

  • Azim says:

    Being a person well in love with fashion, your website is a great mecca for it. Isabel Marant have always had the laid back style that just works for everyone. Personally, this collection is made for me as I’m a casual dresser. Now with the collection I can be chic!

    – Azim, 22 , M.

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