Hermès Silk Maxi Twilly

hermes_silk-maxi-twilly1 Released worldwide around the time when I was in London, the Hermès Silk Maxi Twilly has since been selling out all over the place and it’s really not hard to figure out why. Measuring 220 cm by 20 cm, the Maxi Twilly is one of the most versatile pieces of silk you can buy from Hermès today, seeing how you can wear it almost 1283 ways (fine, I’m exaggerating, but you know what I mean).

hermes_silk-maxi-twilly2 Wear it around the neck, tie it around your head, or even use it as a belt, there are many ways you can use it. Better yet, for a piece of silk this ample, it only costs SGD450 locally, which when compared to the regular Twilly scarves that are so much smaller and priced at around SGD200 plus, the Maxi Twilly is truly a gem you shouldn’t be without.

Available in two designs (Cavalcadourand on the left, Brazil on the right) and a wide array of colours, they are currently sold out in Singapore. Watch this space for more updates and once new stocks come in, I’ll make sure I do a shout-out. Because this is one piece no die-hard Hermès fan should be without.

Images: Hermès

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