Gucci Leather Travel Document Case

gucci_leather_travel-document-case There are two schools of thought when it comes to keeping your cash and cards safe when travelling overseas. One school advocates splitting everything up as much as you can, carrying multiple wallets or card cases and keeping them separate, one on the body, another in the backpack and so on. Another insists that all should be kept in single travel document case/wallet, with your passport, cash and cards kept within.

Both do make sense. By keeping most everything apart, you will not lose them all at one go if say, you get mugged or forget it as you spot an Hermes boutique from across the cafe and leave your one of your multiple wallets on the coffee table. Keeping everything together also makes sense, because it just means you’ll be more vigilant in keeping an eye over it, and knowing exactly where everything is at any one time.

I’m a bit of both. Whenever I’m heading overseas I’ll bring a large travel wallet, along with 2 smaller SLGs, usually a bi-fold and a card case. And for days when I know I’ll be doing some heavy duty shopping, I’ll bring out the large travel wallet with my passport sitting nicely inside. As for days when I’ll be rooting around night markets or taking it easy, then the bi-fold or the card case will do, usually filled with cash and just a credit card or two.

And while we are on the subject of travel wallets, the Gucci Leather Travel Document Case is pretty cool. Comprised of 2 separate compartments (you’ll have to unzip each one on its own to get inside), you’ll find a total of 26 card slots, a pair of bill compartments, a coin compartment, a pen loop, a gusseted pocket and a pocket designed to fit your smart phone. Measuring almost 22 cm across by 13 cm in height, it’s so big you can probably use it to clobber your would-be mugger but I would really advise against that.

So tell me, how do you keep your valuables safe when you’re travelling overseas?

Image: Gucci

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