Bulgari Diva Bag

bulgari_diva-bag Maybe it’s my advanced age, or my love for all things vintage, but there’s just something very alluring about the new Bulgari Diva Bag that’s part fine jewellery, part lush croc and (as the name suggests) all diva.

Part of a larger collection that also includes fine jewellery and eyewear, the Diva Bag‘s two most distinctive features are its elaborate Serpenti motif draped across the frame of the bag with the serpent’s head forming part of the extremely intricate clasp. Detailed to a fault, requiring many hours of workmanship (which includes the revival of an ancient wax technique rediscovered during the Renaissance), tapping gently on the serpent’s head will cause the bag to open and unveil its contents within.

The second most distinctive feature has got to be the exotic crocodile that’s polished to a lustrous sheen, the skins first applied over a wooden structure before being molded and sewn into its distinct, nicely rounded shape. And quite naturally, for a bag so finely crafted and beautifully detailed, you would expect to pay a small fortune for it, and in the case of the Diva Bag in exotic croc, it is priced at SGD30,200 apiece.

There does exist another variation in lizard which comes in 2 sizes (Small and Medium) that retail for SGD8450 and SGD10,100 respectively, but trust me when I say this. Once you see the ones in croc for real, especially in the luscious colours shown above, you’ll not want anything else.

More fittingly, for a bag that was inspired by the original diva herself Elizabeth Taylor, it’s a bag that like the icon will be cherished for a long time to come.

Image: Bulgari

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