Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912

montblanc_heritage-collection-1912-2 Last month you read about the Meisterstück Pen collection, which in my opinion was a superb candidate if one was looking for a proper, grown-up writing instrument to use at work or if you’re looking to gift something meaningful to loved ones who were graduating soon. This month, however, you’ll be reading about the Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912, which takes the fountain pen to new heights.

Working with an A-list team of modern innovators made up of a product designer, a technical designer, a design engineer, a nib master and a writing quality expert, Montblanc sought to ‘reinvent’ the fountain pen, one that strikes the perfect balance between shape, function and design.

montblanc_heritage-collection-1912-1 And even though it is cast in stunning black resin and finished with polished platinum-plated fittings, the most important feature I’ll look for in a fountain pen is a smooth writing experience, which was also taken care of as far as the Heritage Collection 1912 fountain pen is concerned, by increasing the nibʼs elasticity and preserving a steady flow of ink whenever it is in use.

Have a look (and give it a go) for yourself at Montblanc boutiques in Singapore, and before I sign off, here’s a short video that shows off the fountain pen for what it truly is, a technical marvel that possesses both brains and brawn.

Images & Video: Montblanc

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