LeSportsac + Audrey Jeanne Collection

lesportsac_audrey_jeanne_collection Hot on the heels of the LeSportsac + Dylan’s Candy Bar collab collection (which is available in Singapore now, by the way) is the new Artists In Residence that should hit stores sometime in mid-September.

Working with French illustrator Audrey Jeanne, who’s a big fan of Asia and the 50’s in general, on this particular collaboration, Singapore will have 16 different styles in 3 new prints, including Happy Home that’s rather retro if you ask me (shown above), Knicknack, which features French-inspired bits and bobs like postage stamps and bon bon sweets, and finally Tomato, a combination of bold bright red that’s trimmed in bright blue for that ‘you’ll-never-miss-me-on-the-street’ contrast.

Prices start from just SGD70 for the small cosmetic pouch and go all the way to SGD370 for the Large Leisure Bag, all of which have been uploaded to Facebook for your viewing pleasure. And for those looking for lightweight, fun and affordable travel companions, this collaboration collection could be just it, especially the backpacks, messengers and satchels which will come in handy.

For starters, they will hold more than you expect, secondly they are so bright and bold you’ll never accidentally leave them behind when you’re overseas (yes, I’ve heard those horror stories), and when you’re back, just give them a good rinse and they will be as good as new.

Image: LeSportsac

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