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hermes_silk-knots-app Got a whole shelf full of Hermès scarves but don’t know what to do with them with the exception of throwing them around your shoulders when it gets cold in the office? Then check out the new Silk Knots app from Hermès, which is tonnes more fun (and interactive) than that tiny stack of knotting cards you get with more scarf purchases.

A free app that you can download from the App Store, it’s packed with features galore, from knotting videos (always easier to see someone else doing it in person) to galleries filled with various silks and scarves from the French house, from archived campaign images to the season’s latest designs.

And before I go, here’s a short video of the Hermès Maxi-Twilly I introduced last week on Instagram. Released recently worldwide and a steal at just SGD450 (considering a Twilly costs SGD200 or SGD210 and you’ll know what I mean when you put both side by side), the video shows you many many different ways of wearing it, from neck scarf to headband to a long bowtie, it just goes on and on. Pretty, versatile, affordable and something no self-respecting fan should do without in her wardrobe.

Image & Video: Hermès

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