Hermès Constance Cartable

hermes_constance-cartable Since we were just on the topic of heirloom-worthy bags, here’s another stunning example of what I was just talking about for your consideration this week. From their F/W13 collection comes a reissue of a long forgotten size, the Hermès Constance Cartable, which besides being generally wider and taller than the regular Constance styles, also comes with an intentionally shorter leather strap because it is meant to be carried by hand.

Here’s a bit of trivia about the Constance that I also just found out myself. The bag was named the Constance when it was created in 1969, after the newborn daughter of its designer, Catherine Chaillet. Also, it takes a total of 14 hours to craft a single Constance Cartable which measures 29 cm across; it is made up of at least 50 separate pieces of pre-cut Veau Box calfskin and sewn together by a single artisan.

The single most stunning feature, however, has got to be its iconic H clasp, now made even more beautiful with the inlay of calfskin leather, making it more tactile and comforting to the touch as opposed to gold-tone hardware which can be harsh and cold at times.

Available in a variety of colours, you’ll find the Constance Cartable in Singapore soon and priced at SGD17,500 (USD11,400). Heirloom-worthy? Most definitely.

Image: Hermès

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  • helene says:

    Dear Bagaholicboy, we write a blog about Hermes bags and are based in London. We are preparing to write about the Constance Cartable and came across your piece from September last year. It is so beautifully written and we would really like to quote it on our blog and credit you. I am writing to ask if it is ok with you for us to do so?

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