Converse + Maison Martin Margiela Sneaker Collection

converse_maison_martin_margiela_sneaker-collection When news was first announced about the Converse + Maison Martin Margiela Sneaker collection, I’ll be the first to admit I was really intrigued. Besides the fact that both brands are leaders in what they do (one makes sneakers and hi-tops we have all come to love and wear, the other pushes fashion boundaries and constantly innovates the most common of everyday goods), getting another pair of sneakers to add to my growing collection is never a bad idea.

To be released in two styles, the Chuck Taylor All Star and the Jack Purcell, they took 4 different colours of the aforementioned styles (Crimson Red, Black, True Navy and Vintage Sunflower Yellow) and dipped them into white paint. So the idea is basically for the wearer to experience the shoe and as it cracks and peels off over time, the true nature (or rather, the true colour) of the sneaker will be unveiled. Finished with a couple of flourishes by way of Margiela’s logo on the inside (you’ll find it on the sole as well as under the upper tongue), it is expected to be released first in the western hemisphere on 20 September and priced at EUR200 or USD200.

Now here’s my question, which came to me quite naturally after I figured out what the collaboration was about. How are these sneakers different from buying a regular pair and painting them white with a tube of acrylic paint? Sure it wouldn’t be the same pair (it would come in a fancy box or be decorated with logos), nor will it be finished as nicely (my painting skills are subpar) but I’m guessing it will crack and peel in the same way over time.

In other words, what’s stopping anyone else from doing the same and creating their own DIY pairs? Or is there a higher point about the collaboration I missed completely? You tell me.

Image: Converse

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