Casio + Hello Kitty EXILIM EX-TR10

casio_hello_kitty_exilim-ex-tr10 I’m a sucker for anything Hello Kitty, which you would already know if you were following the blog these past few years. I can’t exactly explain why, but there’s something about her that makes me throw all logic out the window. And even though I’m more Lumix or Canon when it comes to digital cameras, I’m tempted to get myself the Casio + Hello Kitty EXILIM EX-TR10 because it has Hello Kitty’s mug plastered over half the camera.

To be released tomorrow at COMEX, only 100 units of this Singapore-only exclusive will be sold. And because it is a 4-day event, Casio will only be selling 25 sets a day to the first (and I’m assuming) 25 in the queue. Priced at SGD1199 a set, the camera will also come with the following freebies: a wooden display box, a camera strap, a passport cover, a carrying bag, a camera pouch and a screen cleaner, all of which are decorated with Hello Kitty’s mug as well, which will satisfy even the most hardcore of fans.

And while I’m sure the camera will come with its own nifty features (the 12-megapixel darling only weighs 170 grams and comes with a one-of-a-kind swivel function for starters), it won’t really matter because it would definitely sell out anyway and command even higher prices on the secondary market. Meow.

Image: Casio

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