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bulgari_serpenti There are bags you buy that you know are destined to be forsaken one day, those you would hardly think twice about letting go once the season was over, for example. And then there are those you know will be with you for a long time to come, and perhaps one day to be passed on to your daughter.

Thankfully, for the Bulgari Serpenti, it’s the latter. One of my two favoured styles from the Italian house (the other being the slightly oddly shaped but adorable Isabella Rossellini bags), the Serpenti collection was probably created as an extension to the jewellery which featured the serpent and is an icon of the house in its own right.

bulgari_serpenti-calf Available in a plethora of shapes and sizes, the Serpenti in my opinion is best in the form of structured framed shoulder slings, each bag accompanied with a beautifully crafted serpent head clasp finished in enamel, and a long gold-plated sling that mimics the sensual mobility of a snake.

You could get the Serpenti in calf leather which comes in solid hues, or splash out a little more and check out those that come in exotic lizard or karung. Or have a look at the one at the top of the post, which besides being covered in exotic lizard also comes panelled with geometric shapes in contrasting colours, giving out a vibe that’s part Art Deco, part Great Gatsby and all love. Truly.

Update: 8 September 2013
Both available in 2 sizes, it is SGD5650 for the medium and SGD5850 for the large Serpenti shoulder bag with the Stella Velvet Motif (yes, that’s the official name), while the bi-coloured Serpenti in Petra/Brown/Black will retail for SGD3620 and SGD3820 for the medium and large sizes respectively.

Images: Bulgari

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