Pre-Spring 2014 Mens Givenchy

givenchy_pre-spring-2014-mens2 Pre-Spring, or Resort, or Cruise, depending on what fashion houses like to call them is the collection that comes out just before the actual collection, and a precursor if you will of things to come for the new season. And in the case of Pre-Spring 2014 Mens Givenchy, it’s a riotous celebration of prints and colours, Tisci’s take on street wear and urban culture with a Latin twist.

Loosely made up of 3 distinct prints, the collection is every Givenchy’s fanboy dream come true, from orange camouflage (actually more orange, olive and navy) to camouflage printed roses and what Tisci refers to as the flame-print, a bright orange-red made up of fierce licking flames.

From sandals to loafers and clutches to name card cases, most everything with the orange camouflage print (shown above) will be a hit; you’ll just need to decide which of these pieces you’ll want to bring home with you.

givenchy_pre-spring-2014-mens1 Next we’ve got the flame-print, which is pretty much self-explanatory. From a simple shopper in nylon that’s printed with the motif to a large zipped clutch and the scarf that also sports Bambi on it, they are nice, just not very me.

givenchy_pre-spring-2014-mens3 Last but not least, here are the pieces featuring the camouflage roses print, a mish-mash of roses and tiny irises which kinda link back to his previous collections. In this collage you’ll find an iPad case, a billfold wallet, as well as a belt and a pair of high-top sneakers.

Besides all these clutches/cases, SLGs and accessories, the collection will also have for the first time a full line-up of mens bags to complement the RTW pieces, from large travel duffles called the LC (think Lucrezia, but much bigger and manlier), travel trolleys, a new backpack shape called the Marine and a washbag-like clutch called the Trick.

In other words, stay tuned for another update soon.

Images: Givenchy

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