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hermes_lindy It’s a bag that certainly needs no introduction, and one in my opinion that easily ranks in the top 5 as far as bags from Hermès are concerned, which should also rightfully include the Birkin, the Constance, the Evelyne and of course, the Kelly. But unlike the Birkin, the Constance and the Kelly which are all structural and poised, the Lindy (like the Evelyne) are built to be more laid back and casual, even slouchy if you know what I mean.

Almost squarish in size, it does look a tad awkward at first glance with really short handles, the stumpy body and a sling you’re supposed to loop through the handles to convert it into a shoulder bag. But that’s really just about it, and she more than makes up for her shortcomings by being a bag that’s also easy to dress up or down, has ample space within and the all-around zip that lets you gain easy access. Also, the 2 exterior slot pockets that are good for bits and bobs like the mobile phone or house key are also a bonus.

Available in 3 sizes, Lindy26, Lindy30 and the Lindy34 (the numbers are an approximate reference to the length of the bag), the Lindy26 is by far the most popular size in Asia as it suits petite frames best. The next most popular size has got to be the slightly larger (and thus roomier) Lindy30. There also used to be a much larger Lindy45 (also known as the Lindy Voyage) but that has since been discontinued.

There’s no doubt how popular she is, which also means she’s pretty hard to come by, though I’ve seen some from time to time at various Hermès boutiques around Singapore. But once you get your hands on one you’ll most likely not regret it, especially when she’s dolled up with Twilly scarves and charms from Hermès.

Image: Hermès

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