Hermès F/W13 Kelly Double Tour Bracelets

hermes_fw13-kelly-double-tour-bracelets1 First, a quick disclaimer. While I’m not exactly sure if all the new colours above are from F/W13, they are currently available in boutiques, which is as good as any reason for having them here. Then again, anything that comes in an orange box is love, so whether it’s old, or new, shouldn’t really matter.

From top to bottom we’ve got Capucine Red, Malachite and Sapphire Blue, all in Swift calfskin. All richly hued, they will do well with those who want a pop of bright colour on the wrists.

hermes_fw13-kelly-double-tour-bracelets2 And while these aren’t exactly new, I thought I’d throw them in as well just to show you how diverse the range is. In Epsom calfskin (note the grained texture), they are White, Casaque Red and Orange, from top to bottom. And if there were no price increments on these since last year, they should still be priced at SGD740 SGD790 apiece. Which one (or ones) are you eyeing or have already bought?

Images: Hermès

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