Moschino Gennarino iPad Mini/iPad Case

moschino_gennarino-ipad-case In case you’ve been wondering, yes, the adorable Gennarino is now available for those of you with the iPad Mini and the iPad. Made of the same silicone material as the iPhone cases, you have Gennarino‘s butt (and back) on the exterior of the iPad case, his adorable face and paws popping up on the front.

Priced at just EUR77 and EUR83 for the iPad Mini and iPad cases respectively, they do come in Brown (shown above) as well as Black, perfect as gifts or in my case, just perfect for my iPad Mini. While I’m not sure if Moschino Paragon is stocking these yet, I’ve found the iPad Mini one on sale via Shopbop for USD145, great for those who live in Singapore and the region because they do ship internationally.

And if anyone knows where else they can be bought online in other sizes/colours that will ship internationally, do kindly leave a comment here. Cute, right?

Image: Moschino

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