Louis Vuitton Parnasséa Collection

louis_vuitton_parnassea-vivienne-s-lock I’ll spare you the PR spiel that explains the Louis Vuitton’s new addition, the Parnasséa collection that’s made up of bags and SLGs, because you’ll read about it in glossy magazines in the months to come anyway. Instead, I’ll just try to give you a lay perspective.

Focusing on the make and only using the best leathers money can buy (one blogger describes it as Louis Vuitton bags, Hermès leather) as opposed to embossed logos (think Mahina), the Louis Vuitton Parnasséa collection re-imagines 2 icons and introduces 2 more, the Alma, Sofia Coppola’s SC (the more elegant, full-leather Speedy), as well as the new Capucines and the Vivienne.

The ‘new’ leathers are lush, with names like cashmere calfskin and Racine, as well as familiar ones like Taurillon and Box. And because this post will never end if I were to introduce all the bags, I’ll just focus on two for today, the Vivienne S-Lock and the SC BB.

Shown above, the Parnasséa Vivienne S-Lock is a dual strap (one long, one short) shoulder bag with a front flap that’s capped off with Louis Vuitton’s signature clasp. Available in dual hues, the one in Bleu/Tan is also one of my favourites, dressy without being overly formal. Measuring 22 cm by 17 cm, it’s now available at Louis Vuitton boutiques where it’s priced at SGD5350 apiece.


louis_vuitton_parnassea-ss-bb2 The other bag I’m loving from the new collection is the Parnasséa SC BB, Ms Coppola’s creation is reworked in a new leather and a new size. 26 cm across by 23 cm, the SC BB comes in cashmere calfskin, which is slightly grained, supple and soft to the touch. Available in 5 different colours, Clémentine will do well, along with Bleu Canard (both shown above), Blanc Cassé (a fancy word for White), Black and Quetsche (Purple).

Also now available in Singapore, the SC BB is priced at SGD4600, a tad more affordable than the former and in my opinion, the more beautiful (and more classic) of the two. What do you think?

Images: Louis Vuitton

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