Kate Spade + Steamline Luggage Collection

kate_spade_steamline_luggage-collection It was something that Kate Spade never had in their inventory, so when I spotted them whilst doing my rounds over the weekend in Orchard Road, I stopped dead in my tracks, took another look, walked in and started to play with them. A collaboration between the American brand and luggage maker Steamline, there are 2 pieces created specially for the ladies to ogle at, the larger New Yorker Stowaway and the smaller New Yorker Carryon.

Made of pasco (if I’m not wrong, it’s a thick reinforced paper/wood-pulp that’s strong yet lightweight), one look at them and you’ll instinctively know they are from Kate Spade, from the brightly-hued handles to the gold-embossed logo on the front. On the inside you’ll find it lined with a bright abstract bow-tie print and equipped with a detachable accessories bag that can used to store your essentials or intimates.

And as their names suggest, the New York Stowaway (with yellow handles, 152 cm by 99 cm) has to be checked in, while the smaller New Yorker Carryon (with orange handles, 140 cm by 86 cm) can be carried onto the plane. Priced at SGD1260 and SGD1120 respectively, both can now be purchased via the Kate Spade boutique that’s located within Takashimaya Department Store.

Image: Kate Spade

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