Fendi + Harrods Limited Edition 2Jours

fendi_harrods_limited-edition-2jours Here’s a little something that all of you out there who own a Fendi 2Jours (or a fan who’s planning to get one) should watch. A special limited edition 2Jours created specially just for Harrods (I’m thinking it’s to celebrate their new exhibition ‘The Handbag Narratives‘ which runs till 24 August at the famed London department store), you can watch the accompanying video Fendi shot to show you in detail how they put the new icon together in the Italian house’s workshop.

Every stitch, every cut, every tap of the hammer is captured in this beautifully-shot video that every fan should watch, because while you might already love your bag, you should also know how it’s painstakingly put together.

Image & Video: Fendi

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  • gilbert says:

    Another green bag to love after the croc-embossed Antigona! This looks way more luxurious but definitely comes with a heavier price-tag too! But honestly who would not die for a 5-piece only limited croc bag?

  • Michelle says:

    I SO NEED IT! Am sure it’s super pricey considering it’s croc leather. Any idea how much it’ll be? Love these videos! Last one I saw was the one for Mulberry Del Rey. After which I went and got it. Sensing a pattern here…

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