Dior Diorissimo In Black Tweed And Black Mink

dior_diorissimo-in-black-tweed-black-mink One way of upping the ante when it comes to making your bags even more luxurious is to play the fabrication game, using exotic skins in place of leather, for example. Or instead of fabric, maybe heavyset suede. And in the case of the new large Dior Diorissimo, you go all the way with thick woven tweed that’s topped off with a mink fur collar, giving off an almost-Russian vibe to it all.

Measuring 38 cm by 27 cm, the size is just perfect for work, though I would think most of you would prefer a pared-down version just for that purpose. For any other occasion, it’s almost perfect.

dior_lady-dior-pearls-sequins And speaking of Dior’s expertise when it comes to giving their bags that extra little something-something, here’s a pair of beautiful Lady Dior bags for your viewing pleasure. On the left, the tiny micro Lady Dior that’s covered in pearls that are embroidered to the body, and on the right, a Lady Dior in Blue Roi in houndstooth that’s embroidered with sequins and finished out with a handle that’s covered in exotic skin.

Luxe, without going overboard. Now that’s the true beauty of Dior.

Images: Dior

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