Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague Collection

cartier_paris-nouvelle-vague-collection1 Whilst most fine jewellery houses are content with launching one collection at a time, Cartier ups the ante and launches not 1, not 2 but 7 new mini jewellery line-ups collectively known as the Paris Nouvelle Vague collection. Drawing inspiration from the city of love (or lovers, however which way you like to call it), you’ll find something to love in this dazzling array of fine jewellery pieces, from the fun and mischievous L’Espiègle to La Voluptueuse, baroque-inspired jewellery with swirling arabesques of precious gold intertwined with gorgeous pearls.

Then there’s Affranchie, stunning art-deco pieces featuring geometrical orbs that are set with semi-precious stones like amethysts and quartz, and of course, finished with brilliant diamonds.

cartier_paris-nouvelle-vague-collection2 I could go on and on, but I’ll let the imagery do the talking in this montage that features selected pieces from 4 of the 7 mini collections (clockwise from the top, La Voluptueuse, La Glamour, La Delicate and Impertinente), from the Paris Nouvelle Vague collection. As for the rest, I’ll be uploading them to Facebook in a while so keep a lookout there.

All 7 mini collections from the new Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague collection are now available at Cartier boutiques islandwide; you’ll only really need to decide which your heart desires the most.

Images: Cartier

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