Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld Collection

melissa_karl_lagerfeld_collection2 Featuring 4 distinct styles that look set to be launched in Singapore sometime in early August, the much-anticipated Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld collab collection is destined to be a sell-out hit, despite its early higher-than-normal selling prices as far as these silicone/rubber footwear are concerned.

Conceptualised by design wunderkind Karl Lagerfeld who just seems to do more and more despite his ever-advancing age,  there are a pair of platforms (or heels) in this collection, as well as a pair of flats, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Above you’ll find the Melissa Ginga + Karl Lagerfeld pumps that come in 4 different colour combos, and on the right, the Melissa Incense + Karl Lagerfeld, slightly sleeker and featuring an ice-cream cone on the back of each shoe.

melissa_karl_lagerfeld_collection1 For the more sensible amongst you, we’ve got 2 more styles, the pointed angular Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld that comes in 5 colours, and the Melissa Glam + Karl Lagerfeld that’s adorned with trio of orbs on each shoe.

melissa_karl_lagerfeld_collection3 Prices start from SGD170 all the way to SGD250, which while I’ll admit is a tad higher than the norm, the fact that they are designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself and actually pretty nice more than makes up for it.

Images: Melissa

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