Fall-Winter 2013 Mens Christian Louboutin

christian_louboutin_fw13-mens1 Here’s your quick sneak peek of what I’ll be lusting over as far as the shoes from the Fall-Winter 2013 Mens Christian Louboutin collection is concerned. While there are new designs that showcase Monsieur Louboutin’s madcap creativity, I’m sticking to the classics given a new twist this time round.

Take the Christian Louboutin Dandy Pik Pik Flat Spikes Floque, for example. Covered entirely in spikes that are first covered in an almost-rubbery treatment that’s also matte, it’s also the most understated pair from Christian Louboutin yet. Almost organic looking, like a telescopic magnification of some badass virus, or if you lack imagination, the pungent spiked fruit sprayed black.

christian_louboutin_fw13-mens2 If, however, that is not to your taste, you could pick out any of these 3 Rollerboy Spike loafers. Two in tartan print (Tartan Red and Blue Khol) and another in pony hair camouflage, you can be sure all 3 (along with the Pik Pik Flat Spikes) will sell out as soon as they hit the shelves.

No word yet on the prices or when they’ll reach Singapore; your best bet is to head down to the Christian Louboutin boutique and do a pre-order. Now excuse me while I go ponder if I should.

Update: 16 June 2013
Went over to Christian Louboutin online and I found these, which are also from the F/W13 collection (I’m assuming Pre-Fall) and now available for sale.

christian_louboutin_fw13-mens3 Priced at GBP875 each, we’ve got Rollerboy Spike Velvet in gorgeous Billard/Gold and the Rollerboy Spike Nappa in Black with mixed studs. They don’t ship direct to Singapore at the moment, but I’m pretty sure if you want them bad enough you’ll definitely find a way.

Images: Christian Louboutin

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