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chanel_classic-flaps-hoops2 First off, let me just say if you’re not a fan of the S/S13’s Chanel Classic Flap Hoops (or simply known as the Hoop Bag), close this window or click on something else to read. And if you’re a fan (like me) who hasn’t quite decided if you should commit, read on.

Available in 4 sizes and a multitude of colour combinations, the Classic Flap Hoops will go down as one of the kookiest bags from Chanel yet, rightfully earning its place beside other oddities from Chanel past and present, from cassette tape clutches to the ones that look like Lego bricks. Clearly not for everyone (how one would even explain why their bag is ‘stuck’ between a pair of hula hoops is beyond me), but if you have a sense of humour and want something that’s definitely out of the ordinary, then this is the one for you.

What’s more, when Chanel rolls out an exhibition of unique pieces they’ve created in 10 years’ time, you can be sure that this will be amongst them and you’ll be the one glowing with pride and joy.

chanel_classic-flaps-hoops1Now available at Chanel boutiques worldwide (including Singapore), they are priced at SGD3310, SGD3660 and SGD4310 and measure 24 cm, 28 cm and 32 cm across respectively. The colour combinations (there are 6 in all) include Blue/Black and Red/Ivory (both of which are shown above), along with White/Beige, Yellow/Black, Dark Blue/Black and Beige/Ivory. There’s also one that’s completely black that also happens to be the one I’m eyeing.

As for the largest size (you know, the one that features life-sized hula hoops), it measures 79 cm across and only comes in one colour combination, White/Black. How much you ask? SGD14,270, which is only slightly more expensive than the much tinier ‘Lego’ clutch that’s also from S/S13 Chanel. Plus it will look really good hanging on the wall too. Like modern art.

Images: Chanel

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