Hermès E-Cover Silk Cases Collection

hermes_e-cover-silk-cases-collection Browsing through Hermès’ F/W13 line-up today I chanced upon these which can only be described as the perfect marrying of the French house’s two great pillars, silk and leather.

Simply known as the Hermès E-Cover Silk Cases collection, there will be 3 primary pieces, an iPad3 case, an iPad Mini case, as well as one more for the iPhone5. All slip-on cases (as opposed to wraparound or snap-on covers), these should sell well, even if I’m not a fan of this particular print that’s pretty batik-inspired. Still, there should be other designs, and I’m definitely looking forward to them when they launch sometime in July or August.

Why didn’t Hermès think of this sooner? Silk and leather, it’s only natural, right?

Image: Hermès

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