Givenchy New Pandora

givenchy_new-pandora No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This isn’t some fancy 3D rendering of what a stylised Pandora from Givenchy would be. This is actually a new bag which looks like the Pandora that’s due to be released with the Fall-Winter 2013 Womens Givenchy collection.

Confused? So am I. Looking almost exactly like its predecessor save for its streamlined looks, curvaceous contours and almost minimalist hardware, it could be Riccardo Tisci’s way of reinventing an old classic and making it, well, almost new, both to attract new fans while exciting the old ones (fans, I mean) all at once with its youthful outlook.

Personally, the verdict is still out as far as I’m concerned since I haven’t been able to review one in person just yet, but I must admit it does look promising. Especially if you are due on a inter-planetary journey soon and would require the use of a space pack. What do you think?

givenchy_new-pandora-crocodile And before I sign off, here’s another New Pandora, in croc (or alligator, I’m not sure) in a finish that’s pretty divine.

Images: Givenchy

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  • blastoff says:

    It’s called the Pandora Box! They have it in Black and Red for pre-order at Luisaviaroma now!

  • Tammy says:

    Oh woah! The Pandora has been my go-to bag for the longest time! and I must say, I actually find this new interpretation quite endearing! Am definitely looking forward to seeing one in real life soon!

  • Tessa says:

    Lunchbox? Utility bag?

  • S says:

    I completely agree with John! The first time I saw the Pandora, I thought it was so weird. In fact, I was complaining to a friend about how uncomfortable it made me feel, lol. Then I tried it on at the boutique and now I own one.

    I do think that this looks a little awkward BUT I shan’t be too quick to judge.

  • John says:

    Best way to decide is to see the bag in person and try it on. Usually with Givenchy bags, they look strange at first but when you try it on, you need to have it. It happened with my Givenchy bags. I thought the Pandora looked really weird but when the SA in Singapore encouraged me to try it, I fell in love. Same goes with my Obsedia. I didn’t give it a second look when I was in my local store, but after trying it on for fun, fell in love again.

  • anon says:

    I think Givenchy is trying to bring some elements of the Antigona into this, as evidenced by the hardware on the strap (almost exactly like the hardware on the Antigona). Strap looks like it’s the same width too.

    Maybe we should expect slouchy/soft Antigonas soon?

  • Vanessa says:

    Like the last one in Croc, but not the first two. Prefer the Pandora over the first two.

  • gavin teo says:

    this bag reminds me of HDB rubbish chute in the 80s…

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