Givenchy Lucrezia In Light Blue

givenchy_lucrezia-light-blue There’s something about this combination of powder blue leather, navy and white racer stripes and the general finishing in black leather that I find particularly alluring, even if I can’t quite put my finger on it. It could be the fact that these are usually the hues you’re more likely to find on mens bags, or there’s just something about the design that’s quite butch about it.

Measuring 28.5 cm by 21 cm, the easiest way to describe the Givenchy Lucrezia to someone who has never seen it is to say, ‘think Speedy, but sportier’. Made of full leather and sporting a pair of top handles, a shoulder sling that’s both removable and adjustable and a pair of internal pockets (one zip, one patch), you can get this one via Matches Fashion for around SGD2000.

And tell me something. Is this a colour combo that girls will carry in the first place? Thoughts?

Image: Givenchy

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