Coach + Warstic Heritage Baseball Dip Dye Bat

coach_warstic_heritage-baseball-dip-dye-bat I don’t play baseball, and neither am I a dad, but I do want the Coach + Warstic Heritage Baseball Dip Dye Bat come Father’s Day. A collaboration with Warstic Wood Bat Co., each American maple wood bat is dip-dyed by hand and wrapped with artisanal leather at the handle, making it a very special collectible that would look great hanging on my wall.

Priced at USD248 each and available in 4 stunning dip-dyed hues (I’ve got my eye on Squash; watch the accompanying video for the other colours), I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these will be available in Singapore soon.

If baseball bats are not your Dad’s thing, you could check out Coach’s Singapore online site that shows you what’s available now with prices in SGD, allowing you to have a look at bags and SLGS before heading down to the store, which is always helpful if you ask me.

Image & Video: Coach

View DIRECTORY to find COACH in Singapore

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