B3: 5 Questions With… Anya Hindmarch

bbp41_5-questions-with-anya-hindmarch Having had the pleasure of meeting Anya Hindmarch at a private media luncheon when she was in town recently to launch Cascade, her F/W13 collection, I found that she embodies most everything her brand is about – from having a great sense of humour to being a tad kooky and even eclectic.

In other words, she had no airs about her and gets my vote as the designer you want to hang with while enjoying a spot of tea. No, make that champagne.

5 questions later, here’s what Anya Hindmarch had to say:

‘This is my third time in Singapore and I’ve always loved this city. It’s really beautiful with great energy and nice people. Singapore also has this nice creative vibe going on and it looks busier than ever before.’
– On Singapore.

‘There were two things that were interesting to me: one was the idea of boardgames and the play on colours, shapes and graphics. The other is on the cascade of colours. For example, having three colours on a bag. So when I was researching and started working on the show, I found this amazing domino artist in Amsterdam who holds the world record for domino installations. I became obsessed with his work and called him saying that I wanted to do a fashion version of his domino installation.’
– On her F/W13 collection, Cascade.

‘I’m such a big fan of her, you know? She has her own style and I love her no-nonsense attitude. She carried my bags too. When she passed, I decided to do a window display in her honour. It was a very fun tribute to her iconic style. The hair, the pussy bow, the pearls and especially, the handbag.’
– On Margaret Thatcher, whom Anya has a huge girl-crush on.

‘Definitely Maxi Zip. The most chic day bag that can be worn over the shoulder or across body. You’d be surprised with the labelled pockets. Very organised and clever. Cara Delevingne is wearing this bag at the moment.’

‘As for an investment piece, I like the Bathurst so much. Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, Wynona Rider, Emma Stone, Olivia Palermo…  they love the bag too. And for the ultimate party bag, the Valorie clutch is my best option.’
– On 3 must-buy bags from her brand. Not shy, this one.

‘I have way too many ideas. That is more of a problem than not having ideas at all. I find inspiration in almost everything, but it is important to travel to feed your brain.
– On how she finds inspiration. Travel, people, travel!

Illustration: Kitty N. Wong

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