Alexander McQueen Heroic Case

alexander_mcqueen_heroic-case-black For those looking for something smart, no nonsense, yet a tad more special than the rest of the briefcases on the market, do consider the new Alexander McQueen Heroic Case, the boys’ equivalent to the Heroine, with its distinct cut-out detail on the flap that you can slip the top handle through.

Priced at around SGD1800 and now available via Matches Fashion, the grained leather stud measures 41 cm by 31 cm, with 3 pockets on the inside, 1 zipped, 2 patch. Simply designed without all the fussy details, it’s something that will go from the boardroom to the plane with ease, great for all manner of gadgets and documents.

And if there’s something extra special about the Heroic Case that more designers should also take note of, it’s the double zip feature on the top of the briefcase. Besides being super convenient (it allows you quick access without unzipping the whole bag), that extra bit of hardware in the form of zips on the top when the bag is closed is a really nice touch.

Image: Alexander McQueen

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  • John says:

    I really like this bag a lot. Although I share the same sentiments and wish it was a bit more casual.

  • Stephen says:

    The link you posted links to a bag that is not the same one you posted… But I actually like cut-off corners better. The one you posted costs twice as much!

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      I think you’re looking at the Demanta Tote, which is a slightly different style for men.

      As for the Heroic Case, it’s around SGD1800, or around GBP859, not SGD859. That could be the source of the confusion.

      • Mc8ueen says:

        I think he means the same bag with the design tweak, the corner of flap in the front is chopped off. I think I like the tweaked one too.

  • John says:

    Want. Although I wish they’d design a Heroic that was less formal than this, more on the casual side.

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